Caroline Reize

Media Artist, Creative Technologist, Graphic Designer

Caroline Reize is a German-born media artist who creates experimental images by focusing on the relationship between medium and humans that changes with technological advances. Her work focuses on drawing inner emotion to create an image. The shapes and colors that are obtained from this allow the viewer a new experience.

To develop a sufficient multi-sensory experience, she utilizes various forms of media, collaborates with artists in various fields, and works on narrowing the gap between art and technology for more effective expression.

She participated in Hyundai Motor Group's Zero One Creator 2020 and Korea Creative Content Agency's Da Vinci Project (2019) and participated in the 2021 ZER01NE Day (2021), WeSA Festival (2021), Earth Museum (2021), Urbanbreak Art Fair (2021). In addition, she continues her activities in various fields, including touch designer lectures and workshops, and is set to exhibit during the Art In Metaverse Exhibition(2022).

Caroline Reize는 기술의 발전에 따라 변화하는 미디엄과 인간 사이의 관계에 초점을 두어, 실험적 이미지를 만드는 미디어 아티스트이다. 그는 내면의 감정을 끌어내는 것에 집중해 이미지를 구성하고 이를 통해 얻은 형태와 색깔은 보는 이로 하여금 새로운 경험은 유도한다.

관객의 다각적 경험을 할 수 있도록 늘 새로운 미디어를 활용하고, 다양한 분야의 아티스트와 협업 프로젝트를 진행해왔으며, 보다 효과적인 표현을 위해, 또 예술과 기술 사이의 간극을 좁히기 위해 나아가고 있다.

현대자동차그룹의 <제로원 크리에이터 2020>(2020), 한국콘텐츠진흥원 <다빈치 프로젝트>(2019)에 참여하였으며 《2021 ZER01NE Day》(2021), 《WeSA Festival》(2021),《Earth Museum》(2021), 《Urbanbreak Art Fair》(2021), 《2020 ZER01NE Open Studio》(2020), 《PRECTXE Showcase Vol. 2》(2020), 《Impact X Showcase》(2019)에서 작품을 선보였습니다. 이 외에도 터치디자이너 강의 및 워크숍 등 여러 방면으로 활동을 이어가고 있으며, 《Art In Metaverse》(2022) 전시를 앞두고 있습니다.

Caroline Reize during KNOSPE I performance

Exhibition's & Performance's

  • 2022
  • "CURB", The Untitled Void, Seoul
  • “Art In Metaverse - 1st Art Cloud Digital Art Fair”, Artscloud
  • 2021
  • "WeSA Festival 2021 'TOUCH'", WeSA, Seoul
  • "ZER01NE Festival 2021", ZER01NE, Seoul
  • "Earth Museum", Gyeongi Content Agency, Gyeongi
  • "Ginsenomics 'The Evolution of Ginseng’", Sulwhasoo, Seoul
  • "Urban Break Art Fair 2021", Urban Break, Seoul
  • "ASEAN Animals: Depiction of Animals in ASEAN Arts & Cultures", ASEAN Culture House, Busan
  • "DREAMERS", Space Cheongdam, Seoul
  • 2020
  • "ZER01NE Open Studio 'P:Layers'", ZER01NE, Seoul
  • "19TH SSU GLOBAL MEDIA GRADUATE EXHIBITION", Soongsil University, Seoul
  • "PRECTXE Showcase Vol.2", Bucheon Art Bunker B.39, Bucheon
  • 2019
  • "Impact X Showcase", Korea Creative Content Agency, Seoul

Projects & Residency's:

  • 2020
  • "WeSA Residency 001", WeSA
  • "ZER01NE Creator 2020", ZER01NE
  • 2019
  • "DaVinci Project 2019 -'Interactive Media Wall'", Korea Creative Content Agency


  • 2017 - 2023 Bachelor of Engineering, SSU,
  • 2013 - 2016 Digital and Print Media Designer (IHK Degree), MD.H (Berlin)
  • 2008 - 2012 Sophie Scholl Secondary School, Arts Major


  • 10.2014 - 04.2015 Graphic Designer, Sixtyoneminutes (former Desendo), Berlin
  • 05.2015 - 06.2015 Graphic Designer, networks & more, Berlin
  • 07.2015 - 03.2016 Graphic Designer, Partner Co. Ltd. (파트너), Seoul

Work Experience:

  • 02.2018 - 12.2018 Graphic Designer, V-Planet, Seoul
  • 10.2016 - 11.2017 Chief Creative Officer, Zip Brothers, Seoul


  • TouchDesigner | 하나씩 따라 하면 나도 오디오 비주얼 초고수 @Class101
  • Visual Thinking - TouchDesigner 입문 @WeSA Academy


  • Particle Systems: 3 Approaches, WeSA Festival ‘Touch', 2021
  • Data Visualization, Wonju Media Center, 2021
  • WeSA Academy Open Class, WeSA Academy, 2021
  • Data Visualization in TouchDesigner, TDSW, 2021
  • Interactive Media using Kinect, Wonju Media Center, 2021
  • Interactive Media using Kinect, Sejong University, 2020
  • Introduction to TouchDesigner, ZER01NE, 2020


  • “Design for New Media”, TouchDesigner May MeetUp, Music Hackspace, 2021
  • TouchDesigner InSession 9.0, Derivative, 2021