Work - Caroline Reize

KNOSPE I - Digital Serotonin

2020 1Channel Video, Color, Sound, Computers, Software

Sound: Jayden Jo

KNOSPE I by Digital Serotonin

"KNOSPE" is a project series by media artist team Digital Serotonin, which overall explores not yet put into words emotions.
"KNOSPE I" is an Audio Visual Performance, consisting of 1-Channel Video and Sound. "KNOSPE I" explores how cultural backgrounds shape our physical and emotional experiences. It tells the story of a human sending his dog to ask God if he could be reborn, just like flowers bloom every year. The motif is derived from African folklore.

Digital Serotonin's first public work, "KNOSPE I", has first been presented during Bucheon Art Bunker's 'RECTXE:SHOWCASE' on February 22th 2020.

KNOSPE I by Digital Serotonin
KNOSPE I by Digital Serotonin