Work - Caroline Reize


2019 2Channel Video, Color, Sound, Kinect, Compouters, Software

Team Hetero-Polis: Caroline Reize, Jang Yun Young, Kim Dae Cheon, Lee Sang Wook, Lee Seo Yeon, Moon Soo Jung

Sound: Jayden Jo

Oscillo - Topia is a media art work consisting of interactive media wall and floor projection, and sound. Through the Da Vinci project conducted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, six individual artists came together for the first time.

The theme of the work is anthropocene. The goal was to ask, "Is the fourth wave coming?" and "What comes aftet?"
We thought that expressing the influence of humans and the resulting endings was the most important design element, and we created three different scenes for easy delivery to the audience.
In the first scene, the audience enters the exhibition space and faces the work for the first time, which has led to the spread of circles (waveforms) along the audience's positions. And that's how we express that our behavior is having some consequences, and is impacting the environment.

Oscillo-Topia by Hetero-Polis
In the second scene, the wavelengths from the first scene become waves, covering all of the preceding images. At this point, the audience can feel the vibrations expressed through the soundtracks, increasing tension. Then, the waves disappears again, and the third scene appears.
Oscillo-Topia by Hetero-Polis
In the third scene, we end up with an open ending to two possible consequences of our wavelengths. The images of the earth after human extinction, or the future of overcoming anthroprocene with technology.
Oscillo-Topia by Hetero-Polis
Special Thanks
KOCCA Davinci Project (Mediaart X Science & Technology)

d‘strict Mentors: Eunsuk Choe, Jaedo Kwak, Yunjung Yeum

Sound by Jayden Jo